Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation Services

Mediation provides parties the opportunity to control how their disputes will be resolved. By allowing the parties to decide the outcome, not a judge or jury, a mediated settlement avoids the risk of an uncertain outcome and expense of a trial. Also, unlike a trial, mediation is private.

Communication between parties, even through counsel, is usually more difficult when a dispute exists. Our attorneys can act as mediators and open new channels of communication, be a buffer between adversaries, suggest alternative solutions, provide objective and confidential feedback, and help the parties achieve resolution of their choosing.

Our attorneys draw on extensive business experience where progress could be made only by achieving solutions that satisfied all parties' objectives. This experience, in conjunction, with their legal expertise representing a wide range of clients with an array of complex issues allows our attorneys to assist you in productively communicating your perspective and work toward the best solution for both parties.

Arbitration Services

Arbitration is also a private process, but it is more formal than mediation and an arbitrator’s decision is binding. Arbitration may avoid some of the costs and delay of court litigation.

Duane Horning is available to serve as a neutral arbitrator. Mr. Horning will draw from his diverse business and government background, as well as his legal training and experience to render an award that is fair, based on the evidence and in accordance with the law.

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